Audrey Goldfarb assists Viva Las Vegas in campaign to be Portland’s next Mayor.

Viva Las Vegas/Liv Osthus is one of Portland, Oregon’s most popular strippers. Here in the “stripper capital of the world,” that’s saying something. Viva brings a message of hope and a deep passion for the arts to a full field of mayoral candidates. Lending her support to the cause, Audrey Goldfarb is producing content by for and about Viva’s campaign. To start, it seemed most urgent to make a logo. With plenty of experience in graphic design, Goldfarb delivered:

In addition to graphic design, Goldfarb has made herself useful as a behind-the-scenes photographer, a consultant at meetings, and in general as an all-encompassing advisor to Viva and the rest of the campaign team.

In week two, Goldfarb shot and edited a behind-the-scenes reel, while Viva was having her official campaign portrait taken at Desert Island Studios.

Viva Las Vegas/Liv Osthus at Desert Island Studios, March 13, 2024: