Show of Hands:

a #MeToo Reckoning for Catlin Gabel

Directed by gonzo journalist, Audrey Goldfarb, this is a feature doc project about the survivors of decades of sexual abuse by teachers at one of the most prestigious k-12 schools in America. Although this type of atrocious behavior is not unique to the school, at Catlin, the insular nature of economic elitism exacerbated the problem, allowing it to continue unabated, for more than 40 years. Everything changed when Goldfarb (a former Catlin student) shared her personal story online.

“It opened the floodgates.”

There have been numerous lawsuits in the wake of the firestorm. This film project focuses on what made it possible for survivors, as they developed a creative array of healthy (and not-so-healthy) healing tactics.

The Show of Hands film project is in the pre-production/fundraising stage. It has a non-profit fiscal oversight partnership with Portland’s Hollywood Theatre, which includes theatrical release, upon completion. To make a tax deductible contribution to this project, please click here. If you have information that may be relevant, or wish to assist some other way, please email [email protected].